Thursday, 21 May 2009


The ability to influence others to the point of changing their set values or their intended courses is vital. Indeed , it is the key to achieving success in any chosen endeavour. This influence opens doors.It ensures access and a firm ladder to reaching one's goals.
For many , success would come easily; while for some it is achieved after a lengthy "wilderness experience". Even , for some, success remains a dream.
A line is the shortest distance between two points.The winding-path option is more tedious and time -consuming ;SO , normal persons would seek the shortest possible access to their destinations.
The shortest access to one's dreams and aspirations could come through a flash of inspiration (Eureka!), a word of wise counsel or through a helping hand.
A helping hand,indeed, the exGhurka soldiers got,through their worthy patron and indefatigable supporter , Joanna Lumley.
As a film star and producer with hydra-headed connections not only in Great Britain but globally, she got access to the corridors of power to present the case for the right to British citizenship for all ex Ghurkha-servicemen .
It is no mean feat to gain access to the Prime Minister . She not only got an audience with the P.M. but, by deft political maneuvers she was able to pin down Phil Woolas, the Home Office Minister responsible for immigration to make a public commitment to the actualisation of her goals for the ex Ghurkha soldiers.
As at last week, she achieved more than the initial expectations!
Not only were all restrictions and conditions barring the Ghurkas' citizenship removed; the offer was also extended to some of their family members.
But for Joanna Lumley's dogged support, the ex Ghurkas' Cause would have been long forgotten. Shelved and forgotten .Just like thousands of other noble causes and laudable projects which fizzled out due to lack of adequate support and exposure.
Indeed a great number of charitable organisations need a life-line support and sponsorship which are in short supply. Many charities have even been closed down not because they didn't have worthwhile goals or were not doing a good job in their communities; but because of their inability to access the type of sponsorship that would have opened immense doors for them.
Gaining access is vital to success in life. Without access, doors of opportunities remain shut and a firmly closed door is a prelude to failure.

Not a few persons wondered why the leaders of other charities and causes who have tried to gain access to the P.M. have not been able to do so , but Joanna Lumley did! Why this preferential treatment?
The difference is the Stellar Factor. This "preferential treatment" of smooth access is a privilege conferred on Celebrities , a.k.a. Stars.
A Star or Celebrity is that person who has distinguished herself or himself by attaining outstanding achievements in his/her field, career or profession.
Commendable achievements confer celebrity status on stars which set them apart from mere mortals.
By "celebrity status" here , I mean men, women and even children who have contributed POSITIVELY to their communities.
Not hangers-on or groupies who have no achievements of their own; except the " "achievements" of befriending or sleeping with celebrities and selling their sordid stories to newspapers!
And definitely , not "celebrity" criminals .
Long- standing celebrities like Joanna Lumley are highly rated in any community. In a recent survey in Great Britain 58% of people polled stated that they would have loved to have celebrities like David Beckham, the Attenborrough Family , Joanna Lumley and Cheryl Cole as their family members!

How does this concern us as Christians? The Bible says we should not worship any man, man-made gods and Satan. Matthew 4:8-11.
The Church should not engage in celebrity worship. But we should not only recognise the honest achievements of the celebrities in our communities and acknowledge our need to involve these celebrities in the Church's outreach programmes.
The modern day Church is impacting the various sectors of the nations, like never before.There are places and hearts to be reached into which the Church can gain faster access by involving the celebrities who will be willing to give their time, money and influence to aid the preaching of the Gospel.
However, in the Church's search for "access " and "impact", the unrighteous rich who in exchange for their favours, could try to "pocket" the ministers of God, to silence them or to water down the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be told by the Church,in no uncertain terms, where to stick their money and influence!
A virile ,living Church should never forget nor fail to remind the "world" who the Source of all power and honour is.
The Lord God has the Master Key to give access to all closed doors. Revelation 3:4
The Lord maketh poor, and maketh rich : he bringeth low and lifteth up.
1 Samuel 2:7.

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