Sunday, 21 June 2009


DAY 21
I was given this beautiful bouquet yesterday , Saturday.
Just what I needed! It is a pleasant sight and it gives me much joy.
The fragrance of the different flowers in it fills my home. It is fresh and very desirable, even till this moment.
Some one said; "Call a rose by any name , it would still be, a ROSE!".
Amongst all flowers,the Rose will always be unique , beautiful and desirable.
Jesus is the Rose of Sharon and he is the Lily of the Valley.
The fragrance of his glorious name and of his presence is desirable, all the time.
He is more beautiful than diamonds and more precious than silver and gold.
He is the Fairest of ten thousand ; the Bright Morning Star .
Constant , faithful, reassuring and a true Friend indeed .

To Fathers Everywhere.....
Here is greeting all you fathers out there .You guys are special and you have a vital role in the scheme of things here on earth. May you receive more grace to be fathers indeed ; all the days of your lives . Amen.
Children, if your father is alive; love, honour and appreciate him , now that you still have him . Not only today , Father's Day; but all the time.For as long as you both shall live.
My own father has gone to be with the Lord. I wish he were here today.
He was a father and a husband in a million. His memory is blessed.
The greatest gift you, a father, can give your child is to love the mother of your child. My father gave us his children that gift.
When I have time to do so , I will write a proper blog about " Who is a Father?"
and about "God the Father".
For now,it is "Closet Time" for me , so on this blog, I can do a "twitter" only i.e, write a few words; until the end of June.
Have a pleasant week.

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  1. Hi Tina, thanks for your comment. How are you doing? I went for an interview on yesterday and i got the job and i praise the Lord as this is an answer to prayers! Camille my oldest daughter is back from uni so this is lovely to see her. Steven's daughter Verity 's just graduated! Blessings for you and your family and friends. x