Friday, 3 July 2009

Sweet Chariots

Well , we asked for it ; yearned for the Big Sizzlers and we have got them !
I have told people around me that I don't want to hear any moaning and groaning about the heat. Just two months ago , people complained about freezing weather! So please,keep calm and chill out. Get a cold drink. Dip in the bath for a long cooling soak or take a cold shower. Drive along leafy avenues ; with your car roofs and windows down.By now, you should know there are loads of cooling options to choose from.
Whatever you do; please, please, don't appear in public,walking on the streets or driving; without a stitch on i.e stark naked! Like some men and women I saw today. Nobody wants to see you like that!
The hot weather is not an excuse for bad manners.
It is illegal and it is insane behaviour. Simply bunkers!
The Summer weather in England, especially in London area ,is at its peak right now.It has been for about 10 days now, non-stop!
It is sizzling hot enough for a Heat Wave Warning Alert (HWA) to be issued to the nation last week.
I am not complaining .I thank God that the hot weather started when it did.
If it has started a week earlier, it would have been resolve and energy draning for me and thousands of others who were "waiting".
Lots of liquids helped to sustain me during the period of waiting. I gained spiritual blessings and strength. The fast was a worship offering and not a slimming exercise. The extra benefit I gained from it was that I lost about 3 kilos in weight, in 28 days.
To survive this heat entails drinking lots of cold water, beverages , juices and smooties. Here are some of my favourites; three smoothies and three juice drinks.
I call them Sweet Chariots. For a cool ride, enjoy them; served chilled.
These recipes are for one large glass. For more glasses,increase the measurements . accordingly:
1 Large banana ,1 large ripe mango
150gm(5ozs) natural bio yogurt
300 ml (1/2) pineapple juice
1/4 medium size pineapple.
*Slice the bananas and roughly chop the mango flesh.
* Freeze them for at least 2 hours or over night.
* Place them frozen in a blender with yoghurt and pineapple juice.
* Process until smooth. Serve in a tall glass decorated with pineapple chunks.

1/4 Water melon, fleshed; 4 Passion fruits, 2 Kiwi fruits and 200ml(7 fluid ounces) of Passion fruit juice.
* Dress water melon; freeze for 2 hours or overnight.
* Peel and roughly chop kiwi and passion fruits and place in smoothie maker with frozen water melon and passion fruit juice. Blend until smooth.

1/4 ripe pineapple,100g(31/2oz) grapes, I orange,1 apple,
1/2 large mango and 1/2 large banana .
* Juice the pineapple, grapes, orange and apple.
* Blend with the mango , banana and a couple of ice cubes,
for a super sweet smoothie!

1. VIRGIN PINACOLADA (i.e. without Rum )
Pineapple juice and coconut milk in equal portions.
Freeze and Blend together.

Serves at least 3- Excellent for slimmers!
2 Grape fruits, 750g(1.5 pounds)cucumbers,1 lemon and sparkling mineral water.
* Pulp the grapefruits, lemon and cucumbers .
* Place all in the juicer and extract the juice.
* Pour juice into a jug with ice and top up with sparkling water , to make up to 400ml. Decorate with a sprig of mint and slices of lemon and cucumber.

(Excellent tonic to clear that bloated feeling due to over eating!)
I carrot, 1/2 Galia or honey dew melon,1 lime,1 and a 1/2 fresh root ginger.
* Juice carrot, melon, lime and root ginger.
* Pour into tall glass and decorate with lime wedges. Delicious!
Hope you like these ones. Good and healthy they are indeed! Have fun making your own smoothies and juices.
P/S It is Wimbledon Season and that means , by tradition, a period of eating loads of straw berries and cream.
Apart from making and drinking cold, healthy drinks; I confess I have been very naughty.I have been baking. Although, I have eaten a few slices of these cakes,I have encouraged my family and friends to GORGE on the three cakes I made during the week. Not my fault. They requested for cakes to celebrate the end of the fasting ; so they deserved the risk of adding some extra pounds!
Here is one of the cakes - a Victoria sandwich cake , with cream and strawberries filling. Its sides are covered with grated nuts and dried fruits.
I call it The Strawberry Jammed Webbed NUTTER!
I will find time to post the other two on my blogs - and , during the week.
Be happy, be merry. Enjoy the weather while it lasts.

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