Thursday, 6 August 2009

Before the Nations

Conversion comes , first, by hearing the word of God . How can they hear without a preacher? So God uses men and women to preach to others.
However, in rare cases, some persons receive a direct touch, hearing and or visitation from God himself , not from any preacher.
In time past, God picked out persons whom human intellect would disregard as "unfit" or "unqualified".
God would choses such persons to carry out his special assignments here on earth and God is still in the business of doing that, even today.
What an honour and privilege to be chosen thus!

Sometimes we encounter men and women to whom we are led to speak to about the Gospel. Do we limit God by our fear and disobedience by taking one look at them and dismissing them as unreachable? As too holy or too important to speak to?
How many times have we balked in shyness and fear telling God, "Lord, I am sorry,I can't do this. Please, you do it, in your own special way".
We could also reason thus: "No,not these ones! These are hardened ,unworthy unbelievers and sinners. Completely over the hill. Sold out to the Devil!"
Maybe we are somewhere, we feel the ambience is "too posh or too scientific and academic"; "not the right place and setting"; so we are intimidated by it all and we decide to blend in by keeping silent and hiding our identity as Christians!
Many Christians , including I, have done exactly that in certain situations where one is "not allowed" to preach or when it is not "convenient" to do so.
Like, in the course of my official duties, daily, I meet people with needs and I sense what they need, actually, is a spiritual change in their lifes, not psychoanalysis.
Who are those queens and kings of this earth that you and I stand before and become tongue-tied? To the extent that we cannot present to them the King of Kings?
What palaces are we in right now, the grandeur of which stuns us into silence?
Preventing us from telling the world of a better and more glorious place?
If men refused to praise him ,the stones would cry out his praise! Luke 19: 40.
His promise is that he will look after our backs as we move and speak in his name.
Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee , saith the Lord.
Jeremiah 1:9.

We believe this in our hearts but, oh, for grace to overcome every wall and gates of brass which constrain and intimidate us!
Father help us . In every way and every where we have been ashamed of you before men, have mercy on us.
Do not let stones replace us. Please tell us how to go about it the way you would want us to do it. When we stand before the rulers and the peoples of this world;in every "palace" and in all situations, help us to declare your word that is truth and life. Even, as we stand before them in our unrefined garments and speech ,let your beauty and wisdom alone be seen and heard. Amen

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