Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A White Christmas ?

Woke up this morning to see snow falling!
It was the first snow of winter in London and more snow is expected, says the weather forecast. These are pictures of sections of my front and back gardens after today's snow.
Some of us have been praying for a White Christmas in London.
My son called today's snowfall "an apology of a snow; baby snow"."Mom I know what you wanna see is the mother of all snow storms at Christmas! "
There is hope for that this year. So keep praying!
Every Christmas, I get gorgeous photos of a perfect White Christmas from friends and family in Leicester and Nottingham in North England.
The nearest we've got to a White Christmas in London in recent times was a near-miss ; heavy snow fell on Boxing day, 2000. Since then nothing at Christmas.
I know lots of people who would like a pretty scene like this below, at Christmas.
So let it snow!

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