Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Merciful God

“Can a woman's tender care cease towards the child she bare?
Yes, she may forgetful be; yet will I remember thee.”

Mercy is God's calling card. It is the very essence of His being; that is Who He is.
From His mercy , flow His other attributes such as Holiness, Love, Faithfulness, Goodness, Mightiness , Glory and many other of God's names which can be ascribed to Him.
Chiefly, God's mercy manifests as Love and this the nature of God which is all-encompassing in touching and intervening in human life situations.

Unconditional love and mercy are rarely given by homo sapiens. When something or someone is too good to be true, the tendency is that human nature would view them with suspicion.
The usual mind-frame towards nice people are:
"Why is this person too nice ? Why should he or she be so helpful and nice to a fault, to someone like me? What is the catch in all this?!"
Awesome is God's mercy and love that Man's puny mind struggles to comprehend or even believe the reality of the depth, breadth , height and width of God's love and mercy.
Though the Human intellect cannot always comprehend or accept the unconditional love from God ; He remains true and faithful . God is who He says He is and He is merciful , compassionate and loving , unconditionally.
For one to be able to even know a tiny bit of God's mercy; one could look around the world today and see who Man is and who the other gods of the earth are.
Amongst the gods , there is none like Him.
Who amongst the gods show unconditional mercy to mankind? None , whatsoever.
When worshippers of other gods say , " God cannot have a Son because God has no wife!"; do not waste your time and effort arguing with them.
They speak the truth about their own gods. Their own gods do not, cannot and never can have a Son because it is only the God who is rich in mercy and love towards mankind who can send His Son in human form and gave up His only begotten Son to die for mankind!
Even if their god had a Son , he would ask his followers to kill themselves and to commit mass murder to satisfy his own son.
Molech, the God of the Ammonites who asked the Israelites to cast their children in the fire for him ; and Ashtoreth the goddess of the Sidonians, Chemosh the god of the Moabites and Baal and millions of other evil spirits are still very much alive today; manifesting in the same old names or different modern names as "gods and goddesses" and worshipped by billions , world wide ; even today. Leviticus 18:21, I Kings 11:23, 23:10, Jeremiah 32:35.

Amongst human beings , the closest in purity to God's limitless love and mercy , is a mother's love for her children.
But even a mother's love could change and could become, discriminatory, limited and conditional towards some of her children , in response to their ungrateful attitude towards her.
Some aggrieved mothers have spoken curses on their erring children and the curses have became long-standing yokes on such children's lives.
Parents have particular children, out of many, for whom they have soft spots in their hearts.
While some parents try to deny or hide their preferences for their pet children; some parents do not care who knows it!
Jacob loved Joseph dearly and lovingly made him the coat of many colours.
Rather than allow his beloved Rachel's son , Benjamin to be taken to Egypt to Joseph as a ransom for the release of Simeon from detention, ;Jacob preferred that Simeon remain detained there indefinitely.
Genesis 42: 38
Envy , hatred, murder and feelings of rejection and bitterness are ususlly harboured in the hearts of the less favoured children.
Esau Genesis 27:41,Joseph's brothers- Genesis 37:19-20.
Rebekkah's role in the lives of Jacob and Esau . Genesis 27:1 -17
Even today, some mothers show favouritism to their children who are obedient, helpful and peaceful and those children of theirs who have grown up to become not only prominent citizens but are also kind enough to remember to give generously and lavish their love , time and money on their families, especially on their mothers.
Fathers love star-children who bring glory to the family name and men love the children of the wife who they love passionately.
Jacob , as he went to confront the fury of Esau , his aggrieved brother, put in front all his worldly treasures and also Leah , his unwanted wife and her children as "cannon fodder", to be the first to be slain; in order to shield Rachel, his beloved wife and her two beloved sons , Joseph and Benjamin .
"Jacob looked up and there was Esau, coming with his four hundred men; so he divided the children among Leah, Rachel and the two maidservants.
He put the maidservants and their children in front, Leah and her children next, and Rachel and Joseph in the rear".Genesis 33: 1,2.

God rejoices with the angels in heaven over the sinner who accepts Christ. Luke 15:1 -10.
He, unconditionally, loves ANY repentant sinner who comes to Him and acquires the status of a child of God . God does not discriminate or recoil from the true believer, however shameful and evil the believers' past history had being.
The soul winner also rejoices to see redeemed souls accepting Christ; for these are the fruits of his or her soul-winning efforts.
But amongst church people are those who do not love or accept repentant sinners whole-heartedly in their midst.
They view them with suspicion and put obstacles in the way of their rapid growth in the service of the Lord.
This evil attitude has been a source of discouragement to many new converts who come into the Church, bubbling with the zeal of salvation ; only for them to become disillusioned and then leave the Church because of the atmosphere of lack of love.
Have you received the salvation of God but you are still doubting if His promises of mercy and love are true ?
Remember , faithful and enduring is the mercy and love of God who has saved you into His kingdom. Today believe God and believe He means what He says .
God , not Man, has called you and God is able to deliver you to the utmost and keep you to the very end.
Remain blessed as you abide , grounded in His love and mercy . Amen

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