Sunday, 1 December 2013

Your Day of Visitation

 " Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me ". Revelation 3: 20.

 Often one  hears  stories of  how people lost out because they failed to utilise great opportunities and privileges which they took  for granted until the open doors were shut and the privileges were taken away from them permanently . 
Then one wonders how people could  be so  careless and  indifferent to the point of incurring  such heavy  losses. The amazement would increase in cases where such opportunities were presented and disregarded  not once or twice , but even when such were before people's eyes constantly.  
Stories of  lost chances underline the veracity  in the saying  that  " If  you think education is  too costly ,then  try the option of  Ignorance ." 
Lost opportunities and privileges result , mostly, from the  ignorance of  the loser about the existence , the usefulness and the value or worth of such opportunities 
After incurring losses , regret sets in . The loser of opportunities and privileges  would blame himself and  blame everybody  for his or her loss. 
After blame comes resignation and self - consolation with words like; "Well, what will be will be ! It was not meant  to be mine ;  it wasn't in  my destiny . Maybe it was not God's time , not His will  for me  to have it !"

Talking about the greatest missed opportunity in life , what readily  comes  to mind  is the opportunity  for a human being  to make peace with God during his or her life time , which he or she refused  to utilise ! . 
"Making peace with God "  as in accepting Jesus Christ  the Prince of Peace as Lord and Saviour into the life of a person. 
That means believing and accepting the salvation of God through  Jesus Christ , the Son of  God and also choosing  to lead a LIFE-TIME of confessing to the world Jesus Christ as your Lord  . (John 3:14-19).

Have you ever wondered why preachers go on and on preaching about "accepting Jesus into your life"?
They preach the Gospel that you may accept it  for your own good.
 It is unwise to hear the Gospel , times without number, to dismiss it as "unworkable" and therefore throw away the chance of having a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ .
The fatal error is the missed opportunity of  NOT recognising  your day  of visitation . Luke 19 : 44.
Who is knocking at the door of your heart , calling on  you today and who is offering  you this eternal  life -line unto the salvation of your soul?
Is it Jesus calling you or is it the preacher with the same message which you could have heard before now?
It is Jesus Christ  who is calling you now. .
What has been your response to Jesus' call ?
  Maybe you are saying ,  " it's all a big joke , it's empty talk , all gas and no substance;   a load of nuisance from money-hungry hypocritical preachers!" 
Well, if that has been your attitude , you have been wasting  your time trying  to "shoot the messengers " !
 If  you reject God's call by refusing to accept the salvation of Jesus Christ , you are not rejecting the preachers of the Gospel of Christ but your are rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ.
Your rejection of the Salvation of Jesus Christ does not have any adverse effects on the  preachers of the Word , neither does it change who the Almighty Jesus is.
The Gospel message did not originate  from Christian preachers or any human being . 
The message preached to you  is the invitation from Jesus Christ to you to accept His salvation . 
That is not a joking matter . 
You will  be blessed when you decide to  listen  to the voice of God , your maker.
On the contrary, your blasphemous words and hostility towards the Gospel of Christ cannot , never , pull God's stars down.
The preachers and teachers of the Gospel who you condemn as "hypocrites " are soul winners and they preach not in vain . They are blessed for ever unto eternity.
The Bible calls soul winners "stars" who will shine for ever and ever . Daniel 12 :3
Special Crowns prepared by the Lord Jesus Christ await  all soul winners in heaven . 1 Peter 5: 4, Revelation 2: 8- 10, 3: 11.
Every  word of God which they have preached  will stand as witnesses against every hearer and every reader of those words on the last day . John 12: 46 -50 .
How about you joining God's stars  to turn many  to righteousness ?
Your first step towards this is to reconsider your options while you still are a living soul , for there is  no repentance in the grave. After you die no "special mass" or prayers for the dead  and  no expensive funeral ceremonies can save your soul.

" And he turned him unto his disciples, and said privately, Blessed are the eyes which see the things that ye see: 
For I tell you, that many prophets and kings have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them " Luke 10 : 23 -24.
Blessed are the ears which hear and the eyes which see and believe the Gospel of Christ .
 What a blessed privilege it is  to  be in a position  to hear the Gospel and  to accept Jesus , freely !
Millions of people are wishing that they have the privilege of being in a position  to hear the Gospel and  to  be able  to accept Christ without the fear of being imprisoned or beheaded for doing so .
Many kings , queens and prophets have died without accepting Christ and as they faced  a doomed life in eternal torment , they were filled with regret and terror., wishing  they had humbled themselves and listened  to God's call during their life time.
It is a great  honour  and privilege  to reside  in a  place  where the gospel is easily accessible.
There are  many living souls who wish they have the opportunity  to freely receive and freely accept the Gospel. In some nations , the Gospel  is prohibited and conversion  to Christianity is punishable  by death. 
Every  moment I give thanks  to God  for the special privilege  of  being a Christian woman , living  in a free country where I am enjoying my rights of freedom to worship and to serve the Living God Jesus Christ .. 
Are you in that same privileged position as I am ? If yes , Please do not take the grace of God  for granted .
  Thank God  for open doors and for the golden opportunity of  being able  to choose freely to accept  the Son  of God , Jesus Christ  as your personal Lord and Saviour.
Praise the Lord ! Hallelujah!

If you are in one of those nations when the Gospel  is restricted and you are facing  the fears and threats of imprisonment and death because of the Gospel , this is not an excuse not  to receive the Salvation of God.
Thank God  for the advent  of the Internet  which gives millions of souls free access to the  Gospel .
For the purpose of  spreading  the Gospel , God gave man the knowledge  to invent the computer and the Internet in order  to make it easy to shine the Light of the Gospel into every dark place where Satan and his disciples reside and they reign with great terror and unimaginable wickedness.
When we get to heaven we will be surprised at the large number of "secret disciples" of Jesus Christ, Christians  who were converted through Internet preachings which have also aided them to hold on to their Christian faith ; even as they lived in nations  where there is vicious hostility against the Gospel .
Please pray for Christians living in such nations. Not only pray for them , reach out  to them  to encourage and strengthen them in as many ways as you can .
The Internet is rich in video and audio Christian materials and websites like this one  which preach the Word of God ; thereby  giving millions  the chance  to accept  Christ  and to grow to become strong  and fruitful Christians .
Please make use of these opportunities which are  freely available on the Internet.

 Today , you have the opportunity  to make peace with God your maker ; do not let this chance slip away.
For you NOW is the moment when you will make that decision which  you have been putting off
Today is your day of visitation by the Lord Jesus Christ and He is here , right there with you as you read this. He is knocking at the door of your heart.
REMEMBER that at the end of this your life , EVERYTHING you hold dear as your treasures , will be of no use  to you as you face Eternity.
This minute is yours , but the next minute and tomorrow  are not yours , it may be too late to accept Christ. 
Whatever  could be the hindrance  to your salvation ; be it peer pressure , fear of your family and friends ,  death threats from your religious leaders, or maybe your "exalted position" in  society, your accumulated wealth or assortment of academic laurels and great scientific intelligence ,or  your hedonistic life style or any other reasons ;the power of  Jesus Christ the Son of God  is here  to set you free indeed. John 8:36.
  The Spirit of God is present to remove every hindrance  preventing  you from accepting Christ as Saviour. 
As you decide and accept Christ all these hindrances will bow before the conviction of the Holy Spirit of God in your soul and your spirit. Amen 
Today, now, pray to Jesus and ask Him to come into your life as your Lord and Saviour. Romans 10 :8-13.
Jesus will answer and He will remove  your stony heart and give you the heart of flesh. 
He will open your heart and unstop your ears and you will arise and be saved from every deadness in your spirit. John 5: 24-25.
The Holy Spirit of God who raised Jesus from the dead will enable you  to  listen to Christ's call and you will grab hold of  God's offer of salvation and  make it  your own testimony.
 Make this day your day  to remember by expressing  your confession , wherein you declare that , "Yes , Lord Jesus , I believe in  you that you died for me and you rose from the dead. 
Jesus I accept you as Lord and Saviour !"
You are truly blessed because you are now born -again! May you retain the blessings you have received. Amen..

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