Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Smell the Coffee

Have you caught the bug ?
There is this tendency for people to do a complete annual re-organisation and redecoration of their homes, just before Christmas and to usher in the New Year.
This would entail a lot sorting-out, dusting, cleaning, painting and decorating.
Changing home furniture and fittings for new and latest one is the norm.
The latest home gadgets, equipment, electronics and even cars, do add some spice to life during the festive season.
We all know the joy of opening our Christmas presents and finding therein ,exactly what we wanted; the perfect dress, shoe or jewellery, DVD, or whatever!
And the joy which a shopping trip brings into the entire family is immeasurable!
This is the season for : "Out with the old , in with the new and the latest!".
Everybody knows this and don't the shops and stores know this? They sure do!
This is the time for them to tempt us with all those fantastic bargains and offers which keep us shopping for more and more.
For Londoners, the shopping spree is not only at Christmas but all through the year.

For some people , this "redecoration" is all encompassing; touching every area of their lives which need a special touch.
Included in the redecoration list are "failed projects" at work, in business and in relationships.
When we need a new wardrobe, home or car , we could shop around for replacements.
There are certain things in life which we cannot shop around for.
We they fail to meet our expectations we work , believe and pray for changes.
When that business plan which you have invested so much time , prayers, efforts and money in , remains unproductive, what can you do?
Then you know it is time to try a new approach to your business goals.
For every one, there comes a time when we wake up, one fine morning and smell the coffee.
When we, inevitably, come to the conclusion that something is not right ,is not good enough, or is not working.
This is the time of year for "New Year resolutions".
These are , usually born out of a deep realisation that we do not need certain clutter or stress in our lives and so we have to effect a change of direction .
Some people do keep these " New Year resolutions" and never go back to square one.
Their testimonies are , usually , that their lives changed for good when they stuck to their "New Year Resolutions".
The best life-style is not one that is based on these year-end resolutions but a life that relies on a Relationship with the Giver of Abundant Life.

Let face it, there are loads of "stuff" we do, places we go to and there are some people we are connected to, who we have to do away with.
Wake up and smell the coffee! There are certain things and certain people who will not budge and will not change.
We should not pray to retain such in our lives.
Why? Because WE KNOW that, they are not good for us and they DO NOT enrich or bless our lives, in any way.
So these have to go with the year and be kept out of your life , thereafter, for our own good!
It could be very painful to do and one would need a mean and hard heart to do this periodic life re-organisation.
But we've got to be strong and resolute to overcome "bad habits".
There are times when we must open the doors and windows and let stuff fly away.
Let out stale air and let fresh air in.
If we are resolved to discard toxic habits , toxic relationships and toxic activities, soon, we would realise that, that was one of best things we ever did.
This complete disconnection is life-saving and imperative.
It is similar to the amputation of the right eye and right arm which the Lord Jesus recommended in Matthew 5: 29 -30

May you receive grace for strength to de-clutter your life.
Here is wishing you a happy and glorious New Year ; filled with the fragrance of His presence.Amen .

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